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Over fotografie en leven.

Pretty simple.

facts and figures

Photography is pretty simple stuff. You just react to what you see, and take many, many pictures.

Elliott Erwitt

P.s. an hour ago.

Flemish towns to avoid (154)

(The truth about Menen)

Some people in the Academy….

…have patience.

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‘Udivitelniye Lyudi’ (Geweldige Mensen – versie Vlaanderen)

dagboekje(This week)

Real people (3)

(This week, in a colorful rebel mood)

Breda summary (finale)

Breda, let’s go – home.

Breda summary (4)

Breda, situations.

Breda summary (3)

Breda, ideas tout court.

Breda summary (2)

Breda, ideas tout court.

Breda (interludium)

Breda, spaces & people

Breda summary (1)

Breda, ideas tout court.

Breda prelude (6)

20161016_dagboekjebreda_dsf1910-bewerktBreda, ideas for a new classroom-approach.

Breda prelude (5)

20161015_dagboekjebreda_dsf1687-bewerktBreda, city of luck laughing at you – bad translation.

Breda prelude (4)

20161015_dagboekjebreda_dsf1666-bewerktBreda, more than just being blinded.

Breda prelude (3)

20161015_breda_dsf1266Breda, more than just looking.

Breda prelude (2)

20161016_dagboekjebreda_dsf1962-bewerktBreda, more than just visiting.

Breda prelude

20161014_dagboekje_2-2 20161014_dagboekje_2 20161014_dagboekje_Breda, a visit

Real diary (72)

(Hospital blues)

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No wet-collodion process tonight…

(Confronting my students with images of the 21h century)

Real people (2)

(Should I add an image border to be considered as a more credible photographer…?)

Talking about being naive.


(Lately I was thinking about some final judgement by a young art ‘teacher’, concerning my pictures. She said my pictures were ‘flat’. I asked what she meant. These pictures have no ‘depth’. I asked again, not satisfied by this definition. Irritated she said: ‘No depth means these pictures are flat’. That day, about 5 years ago, I became aware that art/photography teachers are not really interested in art or photography. I’ll tell you within another 5 years what they are really interested in. Let start by tagging them….)

Talking about clichés.

The biggest cliche in photography is sunrise and sunset. – Catherine Opie

And autumn.


Real people

(This week)

Real diary (71)

(Menen, Roeselare, Hooglede – places to mark off)

Missionary business

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