Lucas Dewaele, dagboek

Over fotografie en leven.

Month: June, 2018

Real diary (604)

Happening without significance.

Real diary (603)

Cycling around. Real people.

Real diary (602)

Cycling around. Looking at the world in black and white.

Real diary (601)

Real Flanders.

Real diary (600)

Real red devil, feeling blue at the bottom.

Real diary (599)

Roeselare, stationsbuurt.

Real diary (598tris)

A volte ci scambiamo parole
e cementiamo addi.

Giancarlo Stoccoro

Real diary (598bis)

Tutta la varietà, tutta la delizia, tutta la bellezza della vita è composta d’ombra e di luce.

All the variety, all the charm, all the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow.


Real diary (598)

Just colors. No philosophical thoughts today.

Real diary (597)

All aspects of today: eat, drink, rest, risk.

Guided reinvention of an archive (10)


Real diary (596)


Real diary (595)

It happens now. Just walking 352m.

Real diary (594)

Save the red army.

Flemish towns to avoid (166)

(blue skies in Flanders)

Real diary (593)

Laus stultitiae.

Real diary (592)

Ave atque vale.

Real diary (591)

Nihil lacrima citius arescit.

Real diary (590)

Brugge, I guess.

Real diary (589)

Selection of collective anaesthesia, part 2.

Real diary (588)

Selection of collective anaesthesia.

Real diary (587)

Exhibition, the final hours.

Guided reinvention of an archive (9)

(20110705 – Flores, the most beautiful people on earth)

Real diary (586)

Itinerary of a lonesome, happy Fuji-owner.

Real diary (585)

Bailleul, this afternoon.