Lucas Dewaele, dagboek

Over fotografie en leven.

Month: November, 2017

Real diary (430)

(Teaching, the proof)

Real diary (429)


Real diary (428)

I never made a person look bad. They do that themselves. The portrait is your mirror. It’s you.

August Sander

Real diary (427)

(Urban landscape)

“Every photo tells a story but remember this, there was a storyteller* behind the lens.”  Belinda Taylor

*a storyteller is not always appreciated, when he reveals the context.

Real diary (426)

(Teaching outside)


Real diary (425)

Business as usual.

Real diary (424)

Tribute to Menen, a town guided by local politicians.

Real diary (423)

Tribute to the man who failed to measure the clouds and afterwards decided to respect the roof tiles.

Real diary (422)


Real diary (421)

“Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.”
David Alan Harvey

Real diary (420)

(Teaching outside)


Real diary (419)

“Pictures put you in front of a reality that most of the times you don’t want to see, don’t want to know about, don’t want to get involved.”
Oliviero Toscani

Real diary (418)

(Teaching again)

Groningen (2)

A weekend.

Something with Mac

an experience.

Groningen (1)

Saint Nicholas, an experience.

Real diary (417)

The subject matter is so much more important than the photographer.

Gordon Parks

Real diary (416)

(Teaching and looking around)

Real diary (415)

(Teaching – it just happened one hour ago)

Real diary (414)


Real diary (413)


Real diary (412)

Photography helps people to see.

Berenice Abbott

Real diary (411)

If you have something to say with a camera then show it, otherwise it’s better to bake a cake.

Jason Eskenazi

Real diary (410)

(another day, people, places, perspectives)

Real diary (409)

(Being teached)