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Over fotografie en leven.

Month: September, 2016

Missionary business

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Preparing a low-cost exit.

Somewhere in Hooglede, Roeselare, Snellegem en Menen.


Reporting half a day’s public observing.

Nice weather and people today.

Square titans.

My unavoidable encounters.

Newest Topography in Cadzand.

(Preparing a lesson about Robert Adams)

Talking (this morning)…

….about the existence of eternal love.

Party time.

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(Reasons to be cheerful)

Izegem (for beginners).

(Not a medieval town in Flanders)

Summarizing Flanders.

(Just cycling my way home)


A season of networks.


portret-1-3 portret-1

If you’re a baker, making bread, you’re a baker. If you make the best bread in the world, you’re not an artist, but if you bake the bread in the gallery, you’re an artist. So the context makes the difference.

Marina Abramovic

Brussels, Warandepark

(Just another day of looking for stories)


Square view.

(From Brussels to my home)


Real diary (70)

(Watou, for the last time)