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Month: December, 2015

New Necessity.

nieuw2016b nieuw2016

2016, the imperative mood : abide & stomach.

So this was Christmas.


(This afternoon, Gullegem, nearby Kortrijk (B) – I apologize)

So this is Christmas (2).


(Yesterday, somewhere around Leuven)

So this is Christmas.

20151225_dagboekje_DSF0672-bewerkt 20151225_dagboekje_DSF0649-bewerkt 20151225_dagboekje_DSF0637-bewerkt 20151225_dagboekje_DSF0636-bewerkt 20151225_dagboekje_DSF0632-bewerkt

(Tonight, Nieuwpoort, around 8 pm – I’m sorry)

Christmas at grandma’s house


© Luc Dewaele

Bewitching photography …..

From a local art magazine :

‘….the exhibition could – in other words – be analyzed as a compact and certainly not exhaustive demonstration of different photographic strategies to bewitch the world through the photographic device…..’

It inspired me to make these images. (And someone asked me to stop blinding the driver….)

20151220_dagboekje_DSF0607 20151220_dagboekje_DSF0612

P.s. Source on request.

Gent. Almost Easter.

20151220_dagboekje_DSF0527-bewerkt 20151220_dagboekje_DSF0559-bewerkt 20151220_dagboekje_DSF0590-bewerkt

Wir schaffen das.

A small town, recreational meetings.

20151219_dagboekje_DSF0134-bewerkt 20151219_dagboekje_DSF0175-bewerkt 20151219_dagboekje_DSF0183-bewerkt 20151219_dagboekje_DSF0195-bewerkt 20151219_dagboekje_DSF0199-bewerkt

A small town, essential meetings.

A small town, essentials in diptychs.

beeld3 beeld2 beeld1

Christmas, essentials

20151216_dagboek_DSF9884-bewerkt 20151216_dagboek_DSF9893-bewerkt 20151216_dagboek_DSF9897-bewerkt-2

One more thing.

A new initiative in 2016 :


Christmas in (medieval) Brugge.

(One hour ago)20151214_dagboek_DSF9864-bewerkt 20151214_dagboek_DSF9867-bewerkt 20151214_dagboek_DSF9873-bewerkt 20151214_dagboek_DSF9879-bewerkt

Work on/in progress.

Exploring new ideas.

Surviving aestheticism.



“My own eyes are no more than scouts on a preliminary search, for the camera’s eye may entirely change my idea.” – Edward Weston

Best kept studio secrets.

20151210_dagboek_DSF9671 20151210_dagboek_DSF9684 20151210_dagboek_DSF9754 20151210_dagboek_DSF9779 20151210_dagboek_DSF9813

The night shift : local report.

I was just wondering exactly how you can get unbaptized….

(from catholic commitments only)20151209_dagboekje_DSF9332 20151209_dagboekje_DSF9296 20151209_dagboekje_DSF9295

Non-inspirational week report


(It happened in my studio, and I wasn’t there)

The art of portraiture and 800iso


(Thanks, Sebastian)

Flemish perspectives.

20151202_govar_LDW2060-bewerkt 20151202_govar_LDW2202-bewerkt