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Month: May, 2015

The iconocitygrapher.


Photography is without mercy; though it’s nonsense to say it does not lie. Rather, it lies in a particular, capricious way which makes beggars of ministers and gods of cat’s meat men.

Nick Harkaway

A perfect saturday morning – a tree in town.

Fruits of lounging about.

As far as the eye can absorb in one day.

Collective party time (4).


(Tonight in Zele)

Collective party time (3).


(Tonight in Zele)

Collective party time (2).


(Tonight in Zele)

Collective party time.


(Tonight in Zele)

The Antwerp Trilogy


The mind is the real instrument of sight and observation; the eyes are just a vessel receiving and transmitting the visible portion of consciousness.Pliny

Saturday morning’s traditional meeting.

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Today’s observations (2/2)

Today’s observations (1/2)

Fragrance of pink.


The camera cannot lie, but it can be an accessory to untruth.

Harold Evans

Another workshop accomplished : the results.


Photographers & models

Sint Leo-college Brugge, cultuurdag 2015

Another workshop accomplished.


(Model : Marie Von Munchhausen)

Preparing another workshop.

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Yesterday’s observations, part 5 (reverse sequence)


Visiting Julia Margaret Cameron.

(They didn’t like me to photograph in the exhibition itself)

Opening another exhibition (9), finally

‘Props and Circumstances’, De Spil, Roeselare, 16-30 mei 2015.



Multicolored fun in the Academy.

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Opening another exhibition (8), finally

‘Props and Circumstances’, De Spil, Roeselare, 16-30 mei 2015.



Preparing another exhibition (7), preview.

Tonight you’re welcome in Flanders…. Props & Circumstances, an exhibition with photo projects of some of my students and your humble & hard working servant.

Also in the show the work of colleagues and their students. Collaborating artists, yes, this is not a ‘contradictio in terminis’, in this part of Flanders 🙂

‘Props and Circumstances’, De Spil, Roeselare, 16-30 mei 2015.

flyer-cp aff4


Wounded. (for a while only)


Foamfun in the Academy.


Funfoam in the Academy.

(More fun to come …)

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