Lucas Dewaele, dagboek

Over fotografie en leven.

Month: November, 2016

Real diary (82)

(La petite fabriek & le forêt magiek)

Fedasil, the actual models.

(A compilation of images and experiences, soon to be a real book)


Fedasil, the sunday jumpology model.

(Showed today the impact of Flemish requests)



Fedasil, the sunday pink model.

(Showed today the impact of Flemish gifts)


Fedasil, the sunday wind model.

(Showed today the impact of Flemish wind)


Fedasil, the sunday breakfast model.

(Met today)


Fedasil, the sunday breakfast movie.

(Happened today)



(It’s lonely at the top – and risky)

Old pussy.


Musti, almost 20 years – and still avoiding to be fully honest.

Academic ins and outs (2).

(Academy versus Asylum Centre)

20161116_dagboekje_dsf4432-bewerkt 20161119_dagboekje_dsf4442-bewerkt

Academic ins and outs.

(It happens at night)

Postponed diary (1)

(Sorry for the amount of my daily astonishment. Sorry, especially to my family.)

Real diary (81)

(Villa Cavrois)

Real diary (80)

(The new Ostend, designed by Marc Coucke)


Real diary (79)

(Ostend calling)


Real diary (78)

(Ostend meeting – doggy style, inspired by some new president)


Real diary (77)

(Antwerp blues)

Prototyping, an impression

(A photographer has only few friends)

Real diary (76)

Real diary (75)

(discovering Flanders)

Real people (4)

(This week, in a monochrome buddhist mood)