Lucas Dewaele, dagboek

Over fotografie en leven.

Month: October, 2018

Real diary (717)

Remains of war.

Real diary (716)



Real diary (715)


Real diary (714)

The nicest people on earth.

Real diary (713)

Belgium got talent. And other phaenomena.

Real diary (712)

Pregnancy and photographers.



Real diary (711)

The ideal daughter in law.

Real diary (710)

My students, tonight, again making better pictures than I – servant – did.

Real diary (709)

Breda, leaving places


Real diary (708)

Life is still complex. I tried some quotations to master it. Finally photography & an Italian quote by an Austrian photographer seem helpful.

Una foto è l’espressione di un’impressione. Se il bello non era in noi, come potremmo mai riconoscerlo?
Ernst Haas


Specific pathogens free photography

Bredaphoto 2018 –

Real diary (707)

Breda, going places


Real diary (706)

Life is complex.

Real diary (705)

Breda, fun. Life is colorful that way.


Real diary (704)

Modern Art : smoky business, allo-allo, bye, applause.

Real diary (703)

I was seduced by CCC, Constellation of Clouds & Cases.

Real diary (702)

Spoiling my students.

Real diary (701)


Real diary (700)

My students were lucky bastards again, tonight.


Real diary (699)


Real diary (698)


Real diary (697)

The season of diptychs starts again…

Real diary (696)

The teacher tries to demonstrate, again. With simple means and great models.

Real diary (695)

Between Ghent and Bruges.

Real diary (694)

Night at the movies.