Lucas Dewaele, dagboek

Over fotografie en leven.

Month: December, 2016

Summarizing a year.


Moments before New Year. Beware.

(All about random choices)

Local panorama in pieces.



Local panorama.



Real diary (92)

(Wandering again)


Real diary (91)



Moments before Christmas (5)

(All about avoiding excessive loneliness)


Moments before Christmas (4)

(All about excess)


Moments before Christmas (3)

(Asylum for unwilling models and a naughty photographer)


Moments before Christmas (2)

(I’ll be home for Christmas)


Photographer’s Paradise

(Or photography jihad?)

Moments before Christmas

(Asylum for everyone)

Real diary (90)

(Brugge, Warmathon, 180°)


Real diary (89)

(a few hours ago)

Real diary (88)

(One hour ago – the meeting of the day)20161218_fedasil_ldw1438-bewerkt

Flemish towns to avoid (155)

(The truth about Brugge)

Real diary (87)

(One single day)

Non scherzando (3)



Scherzando (2)


Scherzando (1)


Real diary (86)

(Looking forward to Christmas, in some way)

Real diary (85, part 2)

(Also looking forward to Christmas)

Real diary (85)

(Looking forward to Christmas)20161206_dagboekje_

Real diary (84)


Real diary (83)

(encountering mode)