Lucas Dewaele, dagboek

Over fotografie en leven.

Month: January, 2016

Twice: 15 minutes challenge.

Part one : 15 minutes of proving social and technical skills – making pictures.

Part two : 15 minutes of processing and publishing the pictures.

All students : summa cum laude. (Me too)

The academic universe.


Exploring more markets.


France-Belgium : feel the difference.

Menen (B) – Halluin (F), a 10 minutes walk.

A new season for diptychs.


“The context in which a photograph is seen affects the meaning the viewer draws from it.”

Stephen Shore

Today’s Route

Working with people 3.0

20160113_dagboekje_DSC2566-bewerkt-2 20160113_dagboekje_DSC2522-bewerkt-2 20160113_dagboekje_DSC2555-bewerkt 20160113_dagboekje_DSC2574-bewerkt 20160113_dagboekje_DSC2579-bewerkt

Life on the run.

Working with people 2.0

Working with people.

Message to showy & chubby art teachers.


 I don’t have a philosophy. I have a camera.

(Saul Leiter)

P.s. Feeling free in addition.

Today’s observations.

Professional love in the air.

20160109_vandenberghe_DSC1958-bewerkt 20160109_vandenberghe_DSC1564-bewerkt

Today’s observations.

20160107_dagboek_DSF1123-bewerkt 20160107_dagboek_DSF1109-bewerkt 20160107_dagboek_DSF1100-bewerkt 20160107_dagboek_DSF1092-bewerkt 20160107_dagboek_DSF1083-bewerkt 20160107_dagboek_DSF1070-bewerkt 20160107_dagboek_DSF1063-bewerkt

Bruges, 18 minutes of spare time.

_DSF1054-bewerkt _DSF1052-bewerkt _DSF1050-bewerkt _DSF1046-bewerkt _DSF1044-bewerkt

Gent, 30 minutes of spare time.