Lucas Dewaele, dagboek

Over fotografie en leven.

Month: June, 2016

Real diary (53)

(Photography as a way of cheating the world)



Real diary (52)

(The vigilant citizen in me – looking for beauty in every situation)

20160628_dagboekje_DSF2787-bewerkt 20160628_dagboekje_DSF2792-bewerkt 20160628_dagboekje_DSF2805-bewerkt



Real diary (51 bis)

(Photography as a proof of a coincidence)

20160627_dagboek_DSF2767-bewerkt 20160627_dagboek_DSF2753-bewerkt 20160627_dagboek_DSF2761-bewerkt

Real diary (51)

(Photography as a proof of astonishment)

20160627_dagboekje_DSF2621-bewerkt 20160627_dagboekje_DSF2643-bewerkt 20160627_dagboekje_DSF2664-bewerkt 20160627_dagboekje_DSF2743-bewerkt


Exhibition : the wall falls down.


20160626_dagboek_DSF2444-bewerkt 20160626_dagboek_DSF2458-bewerkt



Real diary (50)

(Photography as a proof of intelligence)



Belgian Summer (2)


(Also to avoid)

Belgian Summer (1)


(Happening in my garden)



We did it again.


Real diary (49)

(Photography as a proof of presence)


The Menin Road. Today. Square view.

(Some days could be dull)

Real diary (48). Happiness tris.

(Photography as immanent confirmation of ambiguity)

Real diary (47). Happiness bis.

(Photography as immanent threat to a feeling of loneliness)


Real diary (46). Happiness.

(Photography as immanent threat to a feeling of loneliness)


Visiting an exhibition.

Academy Bruges, our big brother. Howest, Sint Jorisstraat, Brugge. Till sunday.

Preparing another exhibition, preview.

The construction of a photo wall.

Next friday, 19h, Leenblokker, Ardooisesteenweg, Roeselare. Free drinks, beautiful people, interesting books, boring conversations.



Lazy Sunday in the Academy.


The ins and outs of the Academy.

Real diary (45).

(Photography as immanent stimulus to a rediscovery of reality)

Real diary (44). Happiness.

(Photography as immanent threat to a feeling of relief)



Perspectives. Only by opening windows.


real perspectives

Sometimes I’m amazed by how much you can do as a photographer.

Saul Leiter

P.s. Generating an intellectual kind of hostility is one of the features.

Art education.

panorama art education

My fuji is made to observe all appearances of human activity.

Real diary (43).

(visiting a factory)



Real diary (42).

(Photography as immanent threat to some people)


Real diary (41).



Real diary (40).