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Month: February, 2016

Take me to church – and back (3).


Take me to church – and back (2).

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Take me to church – and back.


Exhibition ‘Er was eens…….’ (next step)

(Redesigning a church)



Exhibition ‘Er was eens…….’

….’niets’, aldus sommigen.

lerarenExpo_22-02-16_Flyer_A5 kopie

Encountering mode again.

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(Former) Flemish towns to avoid (149)

(My spare/square time in Wervique-Sud)

First steps in the 3D galaxy….


What will it be : Makerbot 5th generation of Ultimaker 2+?

Flemish towns to avoid (148)

(Postcards from Temse)

Valentine’s day.


(and what about Valentine’s night?)

Tribute to Friedlander.


…a mysterious intersection of chance and attention that goes well beyond the existential surrealism of the “decisive moment”.

Une soirée brugeoise.

Une matinée française.

Friday night biotope.

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Exploring more markets (2).

New post on


Meeting the right people (2).

Meeting the right people.

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Exploring movies.

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 Photography starts with the projection of the photographer, his understanding of life and himself into the picture.

Lisette Model