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Month: January, 2017

Real diary (107)

(Meeting the right people)

Real diary (106)


Grandma fled from a nasty nurse today.

Real diary (105)


A photograph is usually looked at- seldom looked into.

Ansel Adams


Real diary (104)

(Explaining the nature of walking with a camera)


Real diary (103)

(Explaining the nature of photography)


Real diary (102)

(Aspects of Bruges and people)


Real diary (101)

(la lezione genuina)20170123_dagboekje_dsf6933-bewerkt


Real diary (100)



Real diary (99)

(Gent)20170121_dagboekje_dsf6661-bewerkt 20170121_dagboekje_dsf6629-bewerkt


Real diary (98)

(Daily)20170121_dagboek_dsf6593-bewerkt 20170121_dagboek_dsf6574-bewerkt


Real diary (97)

(Building a cityscape)20170120_dagboekje_dsf6565-bewerkt


Real diary (96)

(Brugge at noon)


Real diary (95)

(windows in Roeselare)



Tonight’s model (2).


Last night’s model.

20170117_dagboekje_dsf6432-bewerkt 20170117_dagboekje_dsf6422-bewerkt

Real diary (94)

(window in Bruges)20170117_dagboekje_dsf6401-bewerkt


Real diary (93)

(Wandering & teaching some)


Limited diary (5).


The benefits of flu, @ january, 2017

Limited diary (4).

@ january, 2017

Limited diary (3).

20170106_dagboek_dsf6128@ january, 2017

Limited diary (2).

20170105_dagboekje_dsf6070@ january, 2017

Limited diary.

20170104_dagboekje_dsf6031-bewerkt@ january, 2017

Local panorama in pieces (2).