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Over fotografie en leven.

Half of today’s diary (2).

Making a diary is looking in the mirror, while thinking of being afraid of Virginia Woolf.

20140114_dagboekje_DSF2179 20140114_dagboekje_DSF2208 20140114_dagboekje_DSF2182 20140114_dagboekje_DSF2170

Half of today’s diary.


(My students asked me to make one – I expect the other half of them…)20140114_dagboek_DSF2165-2 20140114_dagboek_DSF2155-2 20140114_dagboek_DSF2146-2 20140114_dagboek_DSF2080-2 20140114_dagboek_DSF2076-2 20140114_dagboek_DSF2063-2 20140114_dagboek_DSF2061-2 20140114_dagboek_DSF2054-2 20140114_dagboek_DSF2038-220140114_dagboek_DSF2033

Flanders Faith. (3)