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Month: July, 2014

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Flemish towns to avoid (95)

20140720_dagboek__DSF3776 20140720_dagboek__DSF3779 20140720_dagboek__DSF3792

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Flemish towns to avoid (94)

20140720_dagboek__DSF3829 20140720_dagboek__DSF3814 20140720_dagboek__DSF3809

Orwellian Flanders.


“Orwellian” is an adjective describing the situation, idea, or societal condition that George Orwell identified as being destructive to the welfare of a free and open society.

Encountering mode.


(Sportswoman, within a stone’s throw of my garage)


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20140718_rk__LDW2263(@ Project ‘Het Wenselijk Lichaam)


Flemish towns to avoid (93)

20140717_dagboek__DSF3616 20140717_dagboek__DSF3624 20140717_dagboek__DSF3634

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Flemish towns to avoid (92)

20140717_dagboek__DSF3650 20140717_dagboek__DSF3641 20140717_dagboek__DSF3639

Ypres Salient.


Le pouvoir sucrant de la Flandre (2).

20140717_dagboek__DSF3613 20140717_dagboek__DSF3594 20140717_dagboek__DSF3593 20140717_dagboek__DSF3589

Le pouvoir sucrant de la Flandre.

20140715_dagboek__DSF3567-2 20140715_dagboek__DSF3570-2 20140715_dagboek__DSF3559-3

Pattern-card of my lowlands paradise.

20140714_dagboek__DSF3542 20140714_dagboek__DSF3538 20140714_dagboek__DSF3535 20140714_dagboek__DSF3529 20140714_dagboek__DSF3525 20140714_dagboek__DSF3522

Welcome to Belgium.

20140711_dagboekje__DSF3350(P.s. we are finished)

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20140708_dagboek__DSF3319(In Bruges)

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