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Over fotografie en leven.

Category: Blankenberge

Real diary (584)

Knokke, where the people look more precious than elsewhere. Colorful and lonely.

Ecco delle splendide foto in cui le persone occupano lo spazio e lo spazio occupa la persona.

Marcello Comitini

Real diary (580)

D-day, again.

Real diary (573)

Students at work.

Real diary (570)

No time for boredom….

The ultimate wisdom of the photographic image is to say, ‘There is the surface. Now think – or rather feel, intuit – what is beyond it, what the reality must be like if it looks that way. ‘Photographs, which cannot themselves explain anything, are inexhaustible invitations to deduction, speculation, and fantasy… The very muteness of what is, hypothetically, comprehensible in photographs is what constitutes their attraction and provocativeness.¬†

Susan Sontag

Real diary (567)

il livello del vuoto – aggiornamento professionale.

Real diary (566)

A photographer and a wanderer.

Real diary (563)

No time for boredom.

Real diary (552)

Learning Flemish traditions.


Real diary (545)

A normal day.

Real diary (544)

Explaining and proving things, part two. Privately.

Real diary (542)

Explaining and proving things.

Real diary (537)

Shooting daily things and extraordinary people.


Real diary (534)

Happening. This afternoon. Not in my village.

Real diary (523)

Looking for astonishment.

Real diary (521)

Looking for colors.

Real diary (520)

Insight views

Real diary (513)

At a theatre.

Real diary (511)

A monday’s perspective.

An adjourning life goes on (6)

Teaching. Docendo discimus, Seneca said.

An adjourning life goes on (5)

My personal surveymonkey at work. I cannot stop him.

An adjourning life goes on (4)

I wish I only saw the beauty of it all.

Real diary (493)

A classroom with a view.

Real diary (489)

Another place to spend springtime, part 3. A simple walk, a circular experience.

Real diary (485)

Another place to spend springtime, part 2

Real diary (481)

Another place to spend springtime.