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Real diary (809)

Life is simple. Go to BXL and leave it asap.

Art for beginners and haters (1).

Art has many appearances and parasites.

Real diary (657)

BXL. Trains and art. (And thinking of false artists A. Conrad, G. Goiris, M. Vanvolsem and their poor ambassadors, whose names I’ll remember soon)


Real diary (337)

About reporting to myself.



Real diary (336)

About finding number 88.

Real diary (335)

About confronting myself.


Real diary (334)

About being connected.


(boredom – closed musea)


Message to showy & chubby art teachers.


 I don’t have a philosophy. I have a camera.

(Saul Leiter)

P.s. Feeling free in addition.

Today’s observations.

Today’s observations.

20160107_dagboek_DSF1123-bewerkt 20160107_dagboek_DSF1109-bewerkt 20160107_dagboek_DSF1100-bewerkt 20160107_dagboek_DSF1092-bewerkt 20160107_dagboek_DSF1083-bewerkt 20160107_dagboek_DSF1070-bewerkt 20160107_dagboek_DSF1063-bewerkt

Lesson in simple photography : challenge reality to make square compositions. (6)

Lesson in simple photography : challenge reality to make square compositions. (3)

Lesson in simple photography : challenge reality to make square compositions. (prelude)

Final Wrestling Moment (beware of brave people).



Brussels Blessings (15)


(Brussels, Vossenplein etcetera)



Brussels Blessings (14)

20150328_brussel__LDW5378 20150328_brussel__LDW5406 20150328_brussel__LDW5417

(Brussels, Vossenplein etcetera; one friendly man)



Brussels Blessings (13)


(Brussels, Vossenplein etcetera)



Brussels Blessings (12)


(Brussels, Vossenplein etcetera)



Brussels Blessings (11)

20150328_brussel__LDW5434 20150328_brussel__LDW5341 20150328_brussel__LDW5336

(Brussels, Vossenplein etcetera)




Brussels Blessings (10)


(Brussels, Vossenplein)



Crossing one’s path…

(And still alive)

20150328_brussel__LDW5645-2 20150328_brussel__LDW5629 20150328_brussel__LDW5615 20150328_brussel__LDW5608



Welcome to landmark Belgium


ADA (Anti Dubaisation Association) at work.




Brussels Blessings (9)

(the benefits of a mirrored life – in springfield paradise)




Brussels Blessings (8bis)

(the benefits of living for ever in glory)