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Real diary (2352)

Photography is about pushing someone in the spotlight.


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Each one his/her war – Ieder zijn oorlog, expo.

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Smelling Sunday.

The smells remain, even afterwards when cycling in Flanders Fields.

Fancying about Flemish agriculture (2)

flemish-agri2© Luc Dewaele

Fancying about Flemish agriculture (1)

flemish-agri1© Luc Dewaele

Ypres today.

State of the art battlefields in Flanders.

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Remembering Charles Dresse, who has gone west.

Today’s report in 13 images.


“The camera is an excuse to be someplace you otherwise don’t belong. It gives me both a point of connection and a point of separation.”

Susan Meiselas

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New exhibition in SASK.

20141011_dagboekje__LDW8815 20141011_dagboekje__LDW8801

Temporary jihadi’s in Ypres.

20140805_dagboek__DSF4910 20140805_dagboek__DSF4906

Ypres Salient.


In Ypres.

20140309_dagboek_DSF5421 20140309_dagboek_DSF5491

In Flanders Fields, the essentials.

flanders-battle flanders-field flanders

P.s. Concerning the poppies : bad timing.

P.s.2 @ England’s sons and daughters. Forget about the poppies and the fallen heroes; we just want to sell you chocolate and icecream. Beware of your bmi.

French battlefields (3)


French battlefields (2)


Verdun, weekend. (1)

20131005_dagboek__DSF4525LD 20131005_dagboek__DSF4520LD 20131005_dagboek__DSF4514LD

French battlefields (1)


Verdun, figuren.

_DSF4397 _DSF4585 DSF4382 DSF4438 DSF4470 DSF4478 DSF4497 DSF4577 DSF4616

Vlaanderen vanuit verharingsperspectief (12)

20130715_dagboek__DSF6929LD 20130715_dagboek__DSF6936LD 20130715_dagboek__DSF6988LD 20130715_dagboek__DSF6945LD

Inter arma pacemque enim silent leges.

20130712_dagboek__DSF6667LD 20130712_dagboek__DSF6674LD 20130712_dagboek__DSF6690LD

In Flanders fields….

….sometimes poppies blow.


Ontmoeting van de dag.


Anonieme man in Pittem. Hij sprak van het ‘front’ terwijl ik wachtte op het goede zonlicht.

Vlaanderen vanuit zondags 14-18-perspectief. (3)

20130602_dagboek__DSF4297LD 20130602_dagboek__DSF4301LD 20130602_dagboek__DSF4310LD 20130602_dagboek__DSF4323LD 20130602_dagboek__DSF4342LD

Vlaanderen vanuit zondags 14-18-perspectief. (2)

20130602_dagboek__DSF4214LD 20130602_dagboek__DSF4239LD 20130602_dagboek__DSF4265LD 20130602_dagboek__DSF4281LDLD 20130602_dagboek__DSF4290LD