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Real diary (77)

(Antwerp blues)

Izegem (for beginners).

(Not a medieval town in Flanders)

No more city marketing.

(Spending an hour in Antwerp – looking for terrorism)

Un panneau faux.


(and the real stuff, generated by my simple Fuji x100s)

pano vrai


20160413_dagboekje_DSF5557-bewerkt 20160413_dagboekje_DSF5547-bewerkt

Anorganic architecture.

(A remedy to avoid global liveability)

The familiar aspect of high summer.

20150816_dagboek__DSF4256 20150816_dagboek__DSF4220 20150816_dagboek__DSF4195 20150816_dagboek__DSF4184 20150816_dagboek__DSF4201

I really believe there are things nobody would see if I didn’t photograph them.

Diane Arbus

Celebration colors.


(We have always been proud of our heritage)

Route du soleil.


(We have always been proud of our apprehension)

On the road (while the real Flemish are having a celebration* today).

(*But you shouldn’t take this too seriously : it’s only a pragmatic matter for local politicians and and romantic idea for other fools, looking for a career opportunity for their children)

The side effect of high summer.


I really believe there are things nobody would see if I didn’t photograph them.

Diane Arbus

Playground of consolation

20150701_hondschote__DSC4008-2 20150701_hondschote__DSC3965-2

Meet the people.

(It’s an order)

Meet Angélique.

Yesterday’s triptych


(A 100m walk from the place where I work, is enough)

Today’s report in 13 images.


“The camera is an excuse to be someplace you otherwise don’t belong. It gives me both a point of connection and a point of separation.”

Susan Meiselas

20141025_dagboek__DSF2307 20141025_dagboek__DSF2293 20141025_dagboek__DSF2276 20141025_dagboek__DSF222720141025_dagboek__DSF2231 20141025_dagboek__DSF2174 20141025_dagboek__DSF2114 20141025_dagboek__DSF2103 20141025_dagboek__DSF2080 20141025_dagboek__DSF2050 20141025_dagboek__DSF2033 20141025_dagboek__DSF2029-2 20141025_dagboek__DSF2019

Vive (le cochon de) la Flandre.

20140810_dagboek__DSF5428-2(Veuillez y trouver les couleurs de la Flandre).

Actual facts (2).

20140803_dagboek__DSF4766 20140803_dagboek__DSF4816 20140803_dagboek__DSF4830 20140803_dagboek__DSF4844 20140803_dagboek__DSF4872 20140803_dagboek__DSF4888

Actual facts.

20140803_dagboekje__DSF4756 20140803_dagboekje__DSF4701 20140803_dagboekje__DSF4680 20140803_dagboekje__DSF4674 20140803_dagboekje__DSF4667

Corpus artis (2).


Corpus artis.


In Dei nomine feliciter.

Flanders Faith. (4)

20140113_dagboek_DSF2028 20140113_dagboek_DSF2020 20140113_dagboek_DSF2016

Flanders Faith. (3)


Flanders Faith. (2)


Flanders Faith. (1)


Fallit imago. Candore notabilis albo.