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Category: Ghent

Real diary (1083)

Life is simple. When you know how to resist/withstand invisible power.

Real diary (1082)

Life is simple. After the job is done.

Real diary (956)

Life is simple. It’s a seminar about the essentials.

Real diary (955)

Life is simple. Go to Ghent, by train.

Real diary (695)

Between Ghent and Bruges.

Real diary (611)

(I made a horrible mistake today – my Fuji was in jpg-mode…)

Real diary (506)

It is not altogether wrong to say that there is no such thing as a bad photograph — only less interesting, less relevant, less mysterious ones.

 Susan Sontag

Real diary (333)

About distance.


Real diary (332)

About the normal ability to communicate, again.

Real diary (331)

About the childish ability to communicate.

Real diary (318)

80 days of summer.

Real diary (317)

80 days of summer, Sint Pietersabdij, Gent

Real diary (316)

You don’t have to sort of enhance reality. There is nothing stranger than truth.

Annie Leibovitz

Real diary (315)


Real diary (314)

(Being bride & photographer)

Real diary (313)

(Another avoidable town – or is the photographer to blame?)

Real retrodiary (277)

(Exchanging thoughts and addictions)


Real retrodiary (276)

(Exchanging happiness and so forth. I felt in Italy, but it was just Flanders)

P.s. Mi sono immaginato in Italia, ma era solo il Belgio…..


Real retrodiary (274)

(Exchanging eyewinks)


Real diary (273)

(Exchanging diagnostic bacteriology protocols)

Real diary (272)

(Gentse Feesten)

Real diary (269)

(Desperately waiting for a train and enjoying local landscapes)

Real diary (192)

(Ghent in a hurry, a pity)

Real diary (177)

(while the sun was shining, I was grasped by contemplation)

Real diary (176)

(while the sun was shining, I was among socialists)