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Category: Izegem

Real diary (1484)

Life is simple, autumn light caressing your existence.

Real diary (1483)

Life is simple, when you’re talented.

Real diary (1482)

Life is a simple challenge, in a corona world.

Real diary (1172)

Life is (not always) simple, in Izegem.


Real diary (1085)

Life is simple. Get close.

Real diary (1084)

Life is simple. Enjoy protection.

Jam session in De Leest, Izegem.

Real diary (1081)

Life is simple. Wait for an opportunity – professionally or affectively spoken.

Jam session in De Leest, Izegem.

Real diary (1080)

Life is simple. Meet the Boss.

Jam session in De Leest, Izegem.

Real diary (1079)

Life is simple. Hold the singer.

Jam session in De Leest, Izegem.

Real diary (974)

Life is simple. Having a party.

Real diary (942)

Life is simple. It’s planning the next project.

Real diary (214)

(tuesday evening happening extended)

Real diary (213)

(tuesday evening happening)

Izegem (for beginners).

(Not a medieval town in Flanders)

Flemish towns to avoid (140)

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Flemish towns to avoid (105)



Nihil desperandum.


Vlaanderen vanuit parkeerperspectief. (3)

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Forma bonum fragile est. (4)


Vlaanderen vanuit city marketing-perspectief. (3)

20130527_dagboekje__DSF3595LD 20130527_dagboekje__DSF3609LD 20130527_dagboekje__DSF3614LD 20130527_dagboekje__DSF3645LD

Vlaanderen vanuit parkeerperspectief. (2)

20130527_dagboekje__DSF3378LD 20130527_dagboekje__DSF3381LD 20130527_dagboekje__DSF3385LD

Vlaanderen vanuit city marketing-perspectief. (2)

20130527_dagboekje__DSF3490LD 20130527_dagboekje__DSF3498LD 20130527_dagboekje__DSF3546LD 20130527_dagboekje__DSF3549LD 20130527_dagboekje__DSF3551LD 20130527_dagboekje__DSF3567LD 20130527_dagboekje__DSF3634LD

Vlaanderen vanuit city marketing-perspectief. (1)

20130527_dagboekje__DSF3415LD 20130527_dagboekje__DSF3427LD 20130527_dagboekje__DSF3445LD 20130527_dagboekje__DSF3452LD 20130527_dagboekje__DSF3466LD

Forma bonum fragile est. (2)