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Real diary (1263)

Life is simple with a periscope view.

Real diary (1262)

Life is simple meeting viruses without microscope.

Real diary (1261)

Life is simple in quarantaine. With only a catholic church and photoshop and 20th century art movements on my mind. Forget Hopper.

Real diary (1260)

Life is simple with Hopper on my mind.

Real diary (561tris)

On my way to Ostend…

Real diary (216)

(a day with no definition for ┬áthe word ‘astonishing’)


Real diary (215)

(a day with no particular astonishment)

Fruits of neoliberalism (4)

(Denying simularities)

20160831_dagboek_DSF9481 20160830_dagboek_DSF9476


Fruits of neoliberalism (3)

(Denying a reality)


Flemish towns to avoid (143)

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Fruits of neoliberalism

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Today’s observations. (Village fair, edition august 2015)