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Over fotografie en leven.

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Real diary (610)

Today’s search for beauty. My labor was in vain.

Real diary (607)

Le seul véritable voyage ne serait pas d’aller vers de nouveaux paysages, mais d’avoir d’autres yeux.

Marcel Proust ; La prisonnière (Posthume, 1925)

Real diary (606)

High summer – Flander’s exiles.

Real diary (605)

My tuesday.



“A photograph is always invisible, it is not it that we see.”
― Roland Barthes

( La photo est invisible, ce n’est pas elle que l’on voit mais l’objet.)

In between Hopper en Shore.


“I discovered that this camera was the technical means in photography of communicating what the world looks like in a state of heightened awareness. And it’s that awareness of really looking at the everyday world with clear and focused attention that I’m interested in.” – Stephen Shore

E.H. visits Flanders.

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Waarde in Vlaanderen (5). (Flemish Value)



Kortrijk, Budafabriek.


Flemish towns to avoid (79)



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