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Real diary (1265)

Life is simple as a full time documentary photographer.

Real diary (1264)

Life is simple, a train called ‘the village of Lichtervelde’

‘Fifteen cars and fifteen restless riders
Three conductors and twenty-five sacks of mail
All along the south-bound odyssey’

lucas dewaele fotograaf veurne

Real diary (770)

Life is simple. Invade the artist’s sanctuary.

Real diary (756)

Life is simple. Avoid people.

Real diary (755)

Life is simple. From headscape to lightscape.

Real diary (699)


Real diary (691)


Real diary (626)

Photography reveals to many phenomena…. A real photographer cannot avoid truth.

Real diary (624)

Natures mortes. The Flemish character, also in winter, in springtime and in autumn.


Real diary (623)

Thinking of Martin Parr

Feeling Belgian.

Just for once.

Real diary (609)

It all happened in Lichtervelde. Catholic village.

Real diary (598tris)

A volte ci scambiamo parole
e cementiamo addi.

Giancarlo Stoccoro

Real diary (598bis)

Tutta la varietà, tutta la delizia, tutta la bellezza della vita è composta d’ombra e di luce.

All the variety, all the charm, all the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow.


Real diary (598)

Just colors. No philosophical thoughts today.

Real diary (367)

About workshopping.


Real diary (328)

(at the family’s cinema)

High summer in Belgium 2.0.

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Fruits of Flanders

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Today’s observations. (Village fair, edition july 2015)

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Celebration colors.


(We have always been proud of our heritage)

Route du soleil.


(We have always been proud of our apprehension)

Flemish towns to avoid (128)

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Traject 5.1 (Matonge)

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