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Real diary (1072)

Life is simple. In an Indian summer.


Real diary (1068)

Life is simple. Having a diary.

Real diary (928)

Life is simple. Looking at Flanders Fields.

Real diary (701)


Real diary (620)


Real diary (569)

‘The painter constructs, the photographer discloses.’

Susan Sontag

Real diary (92)

(Wandering again)


Real diary (77)

(Antwerp blues)

Real diary (75)

(discovering Flanders)

Real diary (74)

(railway station blues)

Real diary (73)

(beach blues)


Real diary (68)

(Delight in our garden)


Real diary (67)

(I wanted to go to Watou, but the crowd expelled me – so I created my own arts festival again)


Real diary (66)

(People at the neanderthaler meeting)


Real diary (65)

(People at the fair)

Real diary (64)

(Those were the days – they say)



Real diary (63)

(Photography as a way of providing information, news, game details, screenshots, downloads, and links.)20160807


Real diary (62)

(Happening in Flanders, result of a branded strategy)


Real diary (61)

(Contradiction)20160807_dagboekje_DSF8009-bewerkt 20160807_dagboekje_DSF7999-bewerkt)


Real diary (60)

(Happening an hour ago – sorry for the visual inconvenience)

Real diary (59)

Let’s hate Flanders.


Real diary (58)

Everything deviates in Flanders for the appearance.

A stain I didn’t notice.


Real diary (57)

(Photography as a way of collecting data of life)

Real diary (56)

(Photography as a way of analyzing a small catastrophy)

20160730_renaat 60_DSC5698-bewerkt



Real diary (54)

(Photography as a way of analyzing data of life)

20160712_dagboek_DSF5439-bewerkt 20160712_dagboek_DSF5422-bewerkt 20160712_dagboek_DSF5432-bewerkt