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Real diary (698)


Real diary (697)

The season of diptychs starts again…

Real diary (660bis)

It all happened today, in my small world.

Real diary (633)

Sea. Fun. Hanging around.

Real diary (632)

Sea. Fun.

Real diary (628)

Photography reveals it all.

Real diary (569)

‘The painter constructs, the photographer discloses.’

Susan Sontag

Real diary (561tris)

On my way to Ostend…

Real diary (557)

‘I love fools’ experiments. I am always making them.’

Charles Darwin

Real diary (289)


Real diary (284)

(summertime summary)


Real diary (283)

(summertime meeting with famous actor wearing blue glasses, hoping for anonymity)

Real diary (282)

(summertime examination)

Real diary (281)

(summertime contamination)

Real diary (100)



Real diary (91)



Real diary (80)

(The new Ostend, designed by Marc Coucke)


Real diary (79)

(Ostend calling)


Real diary (78)

(Ostend meeting – doggy style, inspired by some new president)


Visiting (2)






Adventures in Ostend.

20151122_dagboekje_DSF8886-bewerkt 20151122_dagboekje_DSF8885-bewerkt 20151122_dagboekje_DSF8875-bewerkt 20151122_dagboekje_DSF8825-bewerkt

Let’s connect.

20151122_dagboekje_DSF8958-bewerkt 20151122_dagboekje_DSF8918-bewerkt 20151122_dagboekje_DSF8829-bewerkt 20151122_dagboekje_DSF8983-bewerkt

Belgian Coastline Blues for Dummies (5).


Belgian Coastline Blues for Dummies (4).

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