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Real diary (424)

Tribute to Menen, a town guided by local politicians.

Real diary (423)

Tribute to the man who failed to measure the clouds and afterwards decided to respect the roof tiles.

Real diary (421)

“Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.”
David Alan Harvey

Real diary (412)

Photography helps people to see.

Berenice Abbott

Real diary (407)

I can’t go back to yesterday – because I was a different person then.

Lewis Carroll

Real diary (406)

A good photograph is knowing where to stand. Ansel Adams

P.s. She still lives

Real diary (405)

Message to my students.

I don’t think there’s any such thing as teaching people photography, other than influencing them a little. People have to be their own learners.

Imogen Cunningham

Real diary (403)

View from my studio.

Real diary (402bis)

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.

George Bernard Shaw

(Last night I met two musicians)

Real diary (402)

I’ve never made any picture, good or bad, without paying for it in emotional turmoil.

W. Eugene Smith

Real diary (401)

Party time, just around the corner.

Real diary (400)

Talking about family and money.

Real diary (399)

Mother’s day, the conclusion.

Real diary (397)

Colourfull dreams.

Real diary (396)

Mother’s day again.

Real diary (394)

Mother’s day.

Real diary (346)

Facing Flanders, a creature.

P.s. ‘Politics have no relation to morals.‘  Niccolo Machiavelli

Diary-in-between (1)


Real diary (177)

(while the sun was shining, I was grasped by contemplation)

Real diary (174)

(while the sun was shining, I was distracted)

Real diary (173)

(while the sun was shining, I was in Ypres, meeting people and dogs and Canon-owners)

Real diary (172)

(while the sun was shining, I wasn’t waiting for the finish)

Real diary (171bis)

(while the sun was shining, his dreams were prompted)

Real diary (171)

(while the sun was shining, I looked around, from wuthering heights – an hour ago)

Real diary (170)

(while the sun was shining, everything that could turn green, had outdone itself in greenness)