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Real diary (1427)

Life is simple, reading about art.

‘In the work of Every Bean there is always a fundamental ambiguity and a critical undercurrent perceptible, a kind of rebellious sensitivity. The artist’s subjects and thinking bear witness to a broad social insight, but at the same time also to an awareness of not knowing. ‘The Awkward’ can be read as a lonely image of God of the capitalist global system, but just as much as a (self) portrait, a relationship to freedom and choices, and the accompanying responsibility. It touches on a raw vision of the condition humaine.’

How far self-deception can go?

Real diary (931)

Life is simple. Become a parishioner of Parr.

Real diary (930)

Life is simple. It’s a rush.

Real diary (929)

Life is simple. Drop art.

Real diary (928)

Life is simple. Looking at Flanders Fields.

Art for beginners and haters (1).

Art has many appearances and parasites.

Real diary (766)

P.s. Life is simple. Wait for light.

Flemish towns to avoid (167)

(no blue skies in Flanders)

Real diary (617)

Really at home.

Real diary (616)

Real life.


Real diary (615)

Today’s movie.

Real diary (614tris)

(Meanwhile in Poelkapelle real models are playing)

Real diary (614bis)

(Meanwhile in Poelkapelle children are playing)

Real diary (614)

(Meanwhile in Poelkapelle)

Real diary (613)



Girasole – Haiku

Cade il seme
mentre il sole è specchio
da rincorrere

14.05.2018 Poetyca

Sunflower – Haiku

The seed falls
while the sun is a mirror
to chase

Real diary (612)


Real diary (611)

(I made a horrible mistake today – my Fuji was in jpg-mode…)

Feeling Belgian.

Just for once.

Real diary (610)

Today’s search for beauty. My labor was in vain.

Real diary (609)

It all happened in Lichtervelde. Catholic village.

Real diary (608)

Nous sommes tous obligés, pour rendre la réalité supportable, d’entretenir en nous quelques petites folies.

Marcel Proust

Real diary (607)

Le seul véritable voyage ne serait pas d’aller vers de nouveaux paysages, mais d’avoir d’autres yeux.

Marcel Proust ; La prisonnière (Posthume, 1925)

Real diary (606)

High summer – Flander’s exiles.

Real diary (605)

My tuesday.

Real diary (604)

Happening without significance.