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Another exhibition.

(Only tomorrow in SASK, Roeselare)

Real people (4)

(This week, in a monochrome buddhist mood)

‘Udivitelniye Lyudi’ (Geweldige Mensen – versie Vlaanderen)

dagboekje(This week)

Real people (3)

(This week, in a colorful rebel mood)

Real people

(This week)

Square titans.

My unavoidable encounters.

Exhibition : the wall falls down.


20160626_dagboek_DSF2444-bewerkt 20160626_dagboek_DSF2458-bewerkt





We did it again.


Preparing another exhibition, preview.

The construction of a photo wall.

Next friday, 19h, Leenblokker, Ardooisesteenweg, Roeselare. Free drinks, beautiful people, interesting books, boring conversations.



Preparing a workshop.

SASK will be there.

Encountering mode – dangerous liaisons.

Encountering mode.

20160510_dagboekje_LDW3750-bewerkt20160510_dagboekje_LDW3707-bewerkt 20160510_dagboekje_LDW3689-bewerkt

(Benefits of an off-camera flash)

Lesson in simple photography : challenge reality to make square compositions. (9)

(Happening in my village – right now)

6 days later.

…. a book appeared. Check

Being proud at 13.


Life is not about significant details, illuminated a flash, fixed forever. Photographs are.

Susan Sontag.

Une matinée française.

Friday night biotope.

20160205_dagboekje_DSF2279-bewerkt 20160205_dagboekje_DSF2277-bewerkt 20160205_dagboekje_DSF2272-bewerkt 20160205_dagboekje_DSF2269-bewerkt 20160205_dagboekje_DSF2261-bewerkt

Meeting the right people (2).

Meeting the right people.

20160204_dagboekje_DSC4182-bewerkt 20160204_dagboekje_DSC4171-bewerkt 20160204_dagboekje_DSC4169-bewerkt 20160204_dagboekje_DSC4145-bewerkt

Exploring movies.





 Photography starts with the projection of the photographer, his understanding of life and himself into the picture.

Lisette Model

The academic universe.


Working with people 3.0

20160113_dagboekje_DSC2566-bewerkt-2 20160113_dagboekje_DSC2522-bewerkt-2 20160113_dagboekje_DSC2555-bewerkt 20160113_dagboekje_DSC2574-bewerkt 20160113_dagboekje_DSC2579-bewerkt

Working with people 2.0

Working with people.