Lucas Dewaele, dagboek

Over fotografie en leven.


Real diary (2988)

Bizarre creatures in the Academy.

Real diary (2987)

Sitting Down With Myself.

Real diary (2986)

Lonely king.

Real diary (2985)

Best friends.

Real diary (2982)

Colorfull people in SASK – the Academy.

Real diary (2981)

Valérie, just turned 11. A miracle.

Real diary (2980)

Man with real hair.

Real diary (2979)

Artificial ventilation

Real diary (2978)

Just bright students and a pice of art.

Real diary (2977)

Time lies when the artist is hoping to have fun.

Real diary (2976)

22 april – 7 mei.

Leerkrachten van de SASK stellen tentoon in de Villa (Park Vandewalle).

De leerkrachten van de SASK dagen elkaar uit. Ze formuleerden elk een opdracht, deze ging de trommel in en het lot bepaalde wie met welke opdracht aan de slag kon. Iemand werkt  met gestolen materiaal, een ander met 1000 kg klei, nog iemand rond prosopagnosie, en nog veel meer… .

Ben je benieuwd wat ze er van gemaakt hebben? Kom dan zeker kijken in Villa Vandewalle (Meensesteenweg 156).

Welkom van 22 april tot 7 mei, van woensdag tem zondag,

Telkens van 14u tot 18u. Gratis toegang

Real diary (2975)

Just happiness.

Real diary (2974)

Exhibition Huis Van De Walle Roeselare

Real diary (2973)

Haunting the eternal dog

Real diary (2972)

Feeding the eternal donkey

Real diary (2971)

The eternal donkey

Real diary (2970)

SASK yesterday. Working class. Photographers and heroes.

Real diary (2969)

SASK today. Working.

Real diary (2968)

Happened today in SASK, the Academy of Roeselare (2). Belgitude.

Real diary (2967)

Happened today in SASK, the Academy of Roeselare.

Real diary (2966)

Planning our annual workshop. (Tomorrow)

Real diary (2965)


“Che cos’è la fotografia?”, si è chiesta anche l’artista visiva Zoe Leonard nel 2012, dopo la sua mostra a NY. È una stampa o un oggetto, è un jpeg sul tuo schermo o esiste solo quando lo stampi? È un’istantanea sul telefono, una proiezione di diapositive o l’immagine che vedi nella tua testa prima di premere il pulsante? In breve, la fotografia è una cosa, un’immagine o un modo di vedere?

“What is photography?” visual artist Zoe Leonard also asked herself in 2012, following her exhibition in NY. Is it a print or an object, is it a jpeg on your screen or does it exist only when you print it? Is it a snapshot on your phone, a slide projection or the image you see in your head before you press the button? In short, is photography a thing, a picture or a way of seeing?

Real diary (2964)


Real diary (2379)

Life is a ‘mise-en-scène’.

Real diary (2378)

Life is creating in chaos.

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