Luc Dewaele, dagboek

Over fotografie en leven.

Month: November, 2012


Cathechesis sine experientia alogia est.

Procedure : go to any town in your neighbourhood, look for the market place, use a camera, choose RAW, talk to people, shoot, say good-bye, go home, process the files in Lightroom (black and white) and NIK (bleach bypass), publish.

Know your a better photographer and a greater artist at that moment than any art-teacher in chains. Learn to distrust them, especially the Austrian species, or other models with triple glasses, proudly declaring being sterile or unable to handle a camera.

Rigor Caecitutinis (hedychrum magistrarum feminarum intelligentiae artificialis Bruxellarum)

Hedychrum ambiguum Flandriae. (Ode aan urbanisten uit de provincie)

Lezingen – lectures


Gestus Flandrici (6)

Gestus Flandrici (5)

Gestus Flandrici (4)

Gestus Flandrici (3)

Fortiter in re, suaviter in modo. (Kreet Katholiek Kunstonderwijs)

Spes ardet nec consumitur.

At interim, ad infinitum.

Amor patriae nostra lex (4)