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Category: Documentary photography

Real diary (2901)

Avoiding GDPR

Real diary (2900)

Artist almost in residence.

Real diary (2899)

Posso chiedervi un favore? Il suo voto potrebbe fare la differenza – sembro un politico fiammingo.

Can I ask you a favour please? Your vote could make a difference – I sound like a Flemish politician.

Not for me – I am already famous enough, but for the residents of the Fedasil Poelkapelle refuge centre – Non per me, che sono già abbastanza famoso, ma per i residenti del rifugio Fedasil Poelkapelle.

Real diary (2898)

Imagine a world without fences and light.

Real diary (2897)

I like to shoot dogs and to photograph architecture.

Real diary (2896)

Two essential characteristics in photography: to document and to mislead. And in between: to seduce.

Real diary (2895)

Contemporary archeology (2)

Real diary (2894)

Contemporary archeology.

Real diary (2893)


Real diary (2892)

Bingo bis

Real diary (2891)


Real diary (2890)

No artistic statement.

Real diary (2889)

Ukrain today. The sheltering painting for the upcoming Leopard 2

Real diary (2888)

Double exposure

Real diary (2887)

Only Melania Trump….  “I really don’t care, do you?”

Real diary (2886)


Real diary (2885)

Exotic experience.

Real diary (2884)

Brave Leopold jogging.

Real diary (2883)

We are the future.

Real diary (2882)

These children need you.

Real diary (2881)

Tonight’s lesson. People will hate me.

Real diary (2880)

No nonsense model

Real diary (2879)

Museum fun

Real diary (2878)

No nonsense artist

Real diary (2877)

Schizophrenia, a non-existent but necessary term for lovers of modern art