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Flemish towns to avoid (168)

(Still no blue skies in Flanders)

Flemish towns to avoid (167)

(no blue skies in Flanders)

Real diary (633)

Sea. Fun. Hanging around.

Real diary (632)

Sea. Fun.

Flemish towns to avoid (166)

(blue skies in Flanders)

Flemish towns to avoid (165)

(blue skies in Flanders)

Flemish towns to avoid (164)

(30 minutes of walking)

Flemish towns to avoid (163)

(Lately I’ve been asking myself why things are so easily revealed in springtime)

Groningen (2)

A weekend.

Something with Mac

an experience.

Groningen (1)

Saint Nicholas, an experience.

Real diary (358)

(Yesterday was teacher’s day. I keep on being challenged by the fruit of silence and a planned kind of emptiness)

Real diary (354)


Vive la fin des vacances.

(We all hate the heritage of Jeanne d’Arc – Noi tutti odiamo l’eredità di Jeanne d’Arc)

Vive les vacances (5)

(Surviving story highlights – only for sensitive eyes)

Vive les vacances (4)

(Obstructionist-photographer, summarizing a holiday. And yes, I know, most people won’t even look at these pictures)

(Per gli Italiani : come fotografo, raccontando storie quotidiane e banali, di solito sono un ostacolo. E lo so : la maggior parte delle persone non sarà in grado di vedere le mie immagini…)

Vive les vacances (3)

(Quoi faire pendant les vacances?)

Vive les vacances (2)

( No privacy for a smoking mother – Nessuna riservatezza per una madre fumante)

Vive les vacances (1)

(Purtroppo, la Francia non è l’Italia)

Belgium’s glory.

(Stay away)

Holland’s glory.

Yesterday’s diary again.

(a rectangular journey)


Yesterday’s diary

(A square journey)

Real diary (262)

(Railways, heading to Antwerp)

Real diary (261)

(Old School Zoo of Antwerp)